Foggy Waters

Defining and executing customized wellbeing plans that work for you or for your company.

In facing a global pandemic and societal turmoil it is more important than ever  for individuals and companies to establish healthy habits mentally, physically, and socially as many people are having less social interactions than we are used to and individuals are experiencing higher stress levels.


"Well-designed and well-executed programs that are found on evidence-based principals can achieve outcomes"  -Goetzel (2014)

Piece by Peace Living, LLC offers both individual wellness consulting and corporate wellness program consulting. Whether you already have an existing wellness program or are starting from square one, we can help you put together a plan or program that can be impactful, increase morale, and yield results on the overall wellbeing of you or your company. Request a quote today!



Inspiring Change

A corporate wellness program creator, former mental health counselor, and a certified Whole30 coach, Danielle aims to deliver education, inspiration, motivation, and empowerment to companies looking to improve employee wellness and to any individual looking to improve their wellbeing. Your journey starts here.

Employee Wellness Program Consulting

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Beginning in April 2021

Compassionate Integrity Training

10-Week Series