About the Owner

Danielle Holtman, owner of Piece by Peace Living, LLC  currently resides in on the east coast of Florida in the Jacksonville area with her husband, triplet daughters, and her Goldendoodle. Her background is in psychology, she holds a masters degree in professional counseling, and she is a Certified Whole30 Coach and a Compassionate Integrity Training Certified Facilitator

Danielle helps both individuals and companies create wellness plans that work for their specific needs, workplace culture, and values. Danielle creates wellness programs that take in to account where an individual or company is starting from, what is most important to them, and combines that with evidence based research to create an impactful program that is custom designed based on the needs of the client.

Piece by Peace Living, LLC originated out the belief that wellbeing is multidimensional and encompasses many areas of life such as physical wellbeing, mental/emotional wellbeing, and healthy relationships. Individual and corporate wellness programs should include these areas in a manageable way that doesn't feel overwhelming or unattainable.  Wellness should feel empowering and Piece by Peace Living strives to create that empowerment by putting together customized wellness plans. 

Piece by Peace Living offers the following services:

  • Corporate Wellness Plan Consulting (From Inception to Implementation)

  • Individual Wellness Plan Consulting (Creating a Plan that Works for You)

  • Whole30 Group Coaching 

  • Mental/Emotional Health: Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-care, & Compassion workshops for companies and individuals

  • Corporate and Individual Compassionate Integrity Training

  • Exercise/Movement Plans: Goal Setting and Accountability 

  • Alternative Approaches: Information on Chiropractic Care (for immune system boosting and overall wellness)

  • Social Relationships Skills: Having a sense of community and connection with others (for companies and individuals)

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