We all have a story to tell that is made up of the critical life experiences that have shaped us into the person we are today. Here's my (short) story:


I currently on the Florida coast in beautiful city of Saint Augustine with my husband, our triplet daughters, and our Goldendoodle. My background is in psychology, I hold a masters degree in professional counseling, and I am a Certified Whole30 Coach. I started my career as a mental health counselor when life threw me a huge curve ball.⠀

,At 24 years old I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. This diagnosis came after a decade of having a persistent cough and multiple misdiagnoses. I went 24 years of my life not knowing that I had what I would soon learn is categorized as a “chronic and terminal” disease. I was instantly thrown into a life sentence of daily treatments to keep my lungs healthy, and started being asked if I had an advanced directive at my "regular checkups". This was during the time in my life when I was building my career, laying the foundation of my marriage, and trying to start a family. This came at a time when possibilities felt endless and life was limitless. This diagnosis knocked the wind out of me and changed the way I view the world and myself.⠀
Once I finally felt somewhat of a sense of acceptance of this "new" life with CF, we began dreaming again, and started our journey to become parents. After three years of infertility and heartache we welcomed our three daughters into the world...all at the same time! They are my constant reminder that dreams come true despite adversity. ⠀

Fast forward to present day, 13 years post-diagnosis and I am truly the happiest, healthiest, and most grounded I have ever been in my life. I am filled with joy and purpose and feel my best physically and mentally. I got here, to this place "Piece by Peace".


The pieces I focus on for myself and help others with are:

  • Nutrition: Whole30 and Paleo/Clean Eating

  • Mental Health: Mindfulness, Meditation, Self-care, & Compassion

  • Exercise: Yoga, Walking, Sports, Hiking, & Strength Training)

  • Alternative Approaches: Chiropractic Care (for immune system boosting and overall wellness)

  • Social Relationships: Having a sense of community and connection with others

Now offering Whole30 Group Coaching, and COMING SOON: Holistic Wellness Consulting


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